O Ditado


A teacher reads aloud to her class and then assigns homework. One student decides to share his disappointment.


  • qual e a diferença entre “gostar de ficar à sombra” e “gosta de ficar na sombra”?
    Quais são as regras?
    Muito obrigado

    • As duas expressões são usadas sem nenhuma diferença de significado. Não consegui confirmar se uma é mais correta do que a outra, gramaticamente. Por outro lado, é mais correto dizer “ao sol” do que “no sol” em português europeu. “Ao sol” significa exposto ao sol, enquanto “no sol” dá à impressão que estamos literalmente em cima ou dentro do sol 🙂

  • Not easy. I couldn’t make sense of it without translation. I got that it was dictation, but couldn’t understand what the teacher was talking about.

    • Olá, Joan. Even within each level, there are varying difficulty levels between the shorties, and some of them may indeed feel more challenging than expected. That’s not necessarily a bad thing, because the way we learn a language as kids or as people in a new environment is also a lot like this – new words are just thrown at us without warning, and we have to learn to make sense of them in context (here, the subtitles and glossaries help a lot!). Still, this needs to be balanced. Your feedback will help us with that 🙂

  • The problem with this piece was that there were too many names. They were all new words to me and I was trying to work out what they each meant. I didn’t realise they were just names until I looked at the translation.

    • I see. In any case, that’s what the translation is there for. Use it anytime you need and don’t feel “bad” about it; it’s also a learning tool 🙂

  • I am loving all aspects of your website. I have been a member for 8 or 9 months, and have really started to treasure spending time here each day, as I prepare for my move to Portugal in 2 years. I love your new flashcards, and all the shorties, as well and the way all of the lessons build. Thanks for all of your hard work!

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