O Corpo Perfeito


Pedro wants to hit the gym to get a bit more pumped up, but João has reservations…

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    • Glad you like, because we will more than double the number of these “Shorties” within the next few weeks! 🙂 Thanks for your support and feedback

  • As usual, challenging for me. I missed one question and was amazed that I did that well because, after just listening twice and then listening again with the transcript, there was a lot I felt like I still wasn’t getting. Maybe I should have run it through again, slowing it down a notch. And to me, these are seeming long. But what you’re doing is working. Doing a couple of lessons every night and doing my best to use them, I seem to now have my neighbors believing I can suddenly understand everything they say. I can’t but I’m not about to correct them on that except when I have to.

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