Ida ao Talho

Follow Anabela as she orders various cuts of meat from the butcher.


  • Hi and thanks for our daily, essential taste of Portuguese. Two points. Firstly, my early attempts to buy ‘quinhentos gramas’ from my local markets and shops left the staff bemused. Until somebody whispered in my ear ‘Ask for um meio quilo’, and I’ve had no problems since. Secondly, referring to one of your earlier podcasts ‘ quero’ is seen as a little abrupt compared to ‘queria’, so is Anabela not setting us a great example? Keep them coming guys; very much appreciated.

    • Hi, Jonathan. That’s odd; I wouldn’t think that anyone would care about “quinhentos gramas” vs. “meio quilo”, even though it’s true that the latter is shorter and more practical. “Meio quilo” is also much easier to pronounce, so maybe that’s what they wanted to help you with. Honestly, no idea – maybe I need to buy 500g of stuff more often!

      “Quero” can sound a bit blunt for some people, yes, but body language and tone also play a big part in how it’s taken. It’s not a bad word per se. Also, by saying “quero” instead of “queria”, there’s the bonus of avoiding the most overused joke ever in these situations: “Queria? Já não quer?” 🙂 Adding a “por favor”/”se faz favor” is always a good idea, and that might be Anabela’s biggest fault.

  • Thanks Joseph. And yes, my early pronunciation of words like quinhentos was truly tragic (and probably still is) so bemused looks from market traders is par for the course. Anyway, you must be pleased that someone refers to your earlier podcasts. Finally, playing with words, I notice that, the traditional British fox-hunting call, for when the fox (or prey) is sighted; ‘tally-ho’, is remarkably similar to talho. I need to get out more (after lockdown).

    • Well, that would explain it (your pronunciation!), hah. Hopefully, we’ll all be able to get back out there soon and shout ‘talho’ to the foxes of this world 🙂

  • Perfect. I can see myself smashing the butchers section at the supermarket in Almancil.

    Next shorty: at the golf club? (yes I am a Portuguese tourist cliché)

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