Hotel Moçambique

Hotel Mozambique


Nuno and his wife check in at the hotel they booked in Lisbon.


  • Welcome seems to be Bem-vindos, or bem vinda, or bem vindo? Are they all correct? Are they all interchangeable in usage?

    • Olá, Peter. Yes, all of those are possible translations for “welcome” – it depends on who you’re talking to! The word has to agree in gender and number with your audience, so it’s “bem-vindos” for an all-male or mixed-gender group, “bem-vindas” for an all-female group, “bem-vindo” for a man and “bem-vinda” for a woman 🙂

  • Hey, just what I need for my next visit to Lisboa! I’ve bookmarked it, but how will this work, how will i re-find it?

    • You can find all your bookmarked content in Account > Bem-vindo (here’s a direct link: Bem-vindo). If you scroll down just a bit, you’ll see a group of tabs where one of them is “Bookmarks”. Just click on it and it should all be there 🙂

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