História dos Ovos Moles

Portugal is known for many of its sweets and mouthwatering desserts. Learn more about the interesting history of one of these treats: ovos moles!


  • i’m confused because in reading this shorty, i get the impression that ovos moles are made of egg whites though of course they are really made with egg yolks. I think the wording is very confusing. Could you clarify this please and thank you so much for all these shorties which are very useful for my comprehension of oral portuguese

    • Yes I agree about the confusion because the text talks about ‘lhe juntaram acucar’ as if the egg whites are being referred to. Of course we know that egg yolks are the ingredient of ovos moles, but the text should have been clearer.

      • Thanks for your comments, guys 🙂 I’ve already corrected the quiz, because indeed, it’s the egg whites – not yolks – that were used for ironing. On the other hand, it’s the egg yolks that are used in ovos moles. The shorty itself can’t be revised as quickly, but we’ll work on it.

    • having just done the quiz, I see that egg yolks, not whites, were used for ironing. This seems so odd that I misunderstood. But I still think the text could have been clearer!

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