Fátima is one of Portugal’s most emblematic religious sites, with millions visiting the shrine each year.


    • I looked this up and it seems that the full prayer, the Rosary, consisted of 150 Hail Mary’s (now 200), and this was at some point split into three sets of prayers -> this three-part division is what originated the name “terço” (third part), which was extended to the object itself, which only has 50 beads.

  • OK, back in my day, we only had 3 mysteries (now there’s 4). But in 1917, there were still 3. I remember the decades stuff, but I didn’t really remember the mysteries stuff. So I looked it up. You are to pray to certain mysteries on certain days. So one out of 3 mysteries is 1/3 or terço. So I think that is what you are talking about (and I’m trying to remember this stuff from almost 50 years ago!!) Thanks!!

    • Yes! Each mystery is apparently represented by 50 beads (5 decades), and that’s what the terço consists of as well 🙂

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