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Maria is a young girl who is addicted to the internet. Find out what happens when her parents challenge her to stay off the computer for a whole week!


  • Boa tarde. Is ‘ao invés de…’ interchangeable with ‘Em vez de…? And is ‘estarmos’ a future infinitive or something? Is there any way to break down & explain the unusual or irregular verb conjugations so we know how to apply it ourselves? Perhaps a ‘grammar’ section would be more useful than the Vocabulary section as there is already a ‘translate’ option and I’m sure most people who have reached medium level already know what amigos, filmes, livros & fins de semana mean.

  • I have to agree with Jennifer’s comments. What is most useful to anybody at medium or above level is help with the most difficult and unusual constructions, and, of course, practice contending with the difficulty of the elliptical qualities, speed, and idioms of actual spoken Portuguese: the great ‘sound barrier’ one encounters with real linguistic behaviour as opposed to toy schoolroom dialogues. That is what was so great about the podcast materials and videos.

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