À Procura De Jardim De Infância

In Search of (a) Kindergarten


João visits a kindergarten to find out if it would be a good fit for his 5-year-old daughter.


  • Hi,
    You have translated the expression: “Daria para a trazer amanhã para ver se ela gosta?” as “Could I bring her in tomorrow to see if she likes it? ”
    This puzzles me, as I would translate the start of this as “Could I give …”
    Is this an idiomatic use of “dar”?

    Best wishes

    • Olá, Declan. Yes, you could describe it as an idiomatic use of this verb. We can use “dar” in the sense of something being possible or allowed:
      – Dá para tirar fotografias aqui? (Is it possible to take pictures here?)
      – Isto não dá! (This doesn’t work!)
      – Não deu para visitarmos o palácio. (We weren’t able to visit the palace)

  • Hi Joseph,
    Many thanks for this really informative response. It is very helpful.
    Best wishes
    Both Google and my Collin’s dictionary give ‘comadre’ as ‘bedpan’ rather than ‘friend’ (as above). I assume context is all important! 🙂

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