À Procura da Gata Perdida

Searching for the Lost Cat

People:Natacha Pedro

Marina confronts her neighbour to accuse him of stealing her cat… again.

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  • Amusing dialogue! Please explain what happens at 00:48. The transcription reads ‘la lá eu’… but it doesn’t sound like he says that. This is where he is reacting to the accusation of theft.

    • Thanks for commenting!
      The transcription is accurate; he does say “Ia lá eu”. Note that it’s “ia” with an I, and “” with an L 🙂 This is a Portuguese idiom that basically means “I would never”. It’s very emphatic and rather ironic, because it almost seems to mean the opposite of what it says.

  • Uma aula muito divertida em como lidar com pessoas chatas e quardar paciência. Engraçado e muito útil por haver vocabulário que normalmente não se encontra nos livros de aprendizagem traditionais.

    • Ahah, podemos dizer que ela “não tem papas na língua” (she doesn’t hold back; doesn’t mince her words; speaks her mind) 🙂

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