A Peixeira

The Fishmonger

Mário goes to the fish market to buy some fresh fish for his lunch!

    • Hi Paul! Hmmm, it looks like everything is showing up on my end. It should be “00:00:41 Peixeira: Esses são uns robalos, também foi o meu homem que os pescou. 00:00:48 Ia caindo ao mar só para apanhar esse maior que vê aí! Qualquer dia fico sem marido, Deus o proteja!” Is any of that missing for you?

  • In this dialogue the phrase “Não me apetece comer ….” confused me because the verb is not conjugated into the 1st person present tense, “apeteço”. All my Portuguese friends tell me the text is correct and that there are many exceptions to the rules. Perhaps you could footnote these in the text. Thanks

  • Hi Molly,
    I got it now. Something must have gone goofy with my download because there were other missing part too.
    Thanks for your help. You’re the best!

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