A Família Antunes

Get to know the Antunes family and their fantastic house!


  • Ola, I notice the use of the verb “ficar” when used in association with where things are as in :

    00:00:47No rés do chão da casa ficam a cozinha, uma despensa, uma sala de estar,
    On the ground floor of the house are the kitchen, a pantry, a living room,

    Ficar is translated as to stay and, while I kind of get the use of it as in where things stay..I would have used “ha” as in “there is” a cozinha, uma dispense….is this incorrect use of “há” ?
    Obrigada !

    • Olá, Susan. Yes, we can use the verb ficar to refer to locations in general:
      – A cozinha fica no rés do chão (The kitchen is on the ground floor)
      – A loja fica ali (The store is over there)
      – Portugal fica na Europa (Portugal is in Europe)

      In this particular context, with this specific wording, it would be fine to use the verb haver (no rés do chão, a cozinha) or even the verb estar (no rés do chão, está a cozinha). However, if you flip the sentence, the verb haver is no longer appropriate (a cozinha no rés do chão – wrong), so you have to be careful 🙂

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