No Metro e Na Escola

On the Metro and at School

Joel wants to take Portuguese classes, but first he needs a metro pass. This episode has a special guest, who could it be?

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  • Hey guys I have a question:
    “O passe para o metro são 30€ por mês.” –> Shouldn’t the “são” actually be an “é”? Newbie here so not too sure and a little confused.

  • I have another question about this episode. At a certain point, Joel says something like ‘gostava de’ but the sense seems to be conditional rather than imperfect. Is it common to use the imperfect tense in Portuguese to indicate a conditional meaning? Thanks.

    • Olá, Pat. Regarding your question about the verb form, é vs. são, you’ll hear people saying it both ways. “É” to agree with “o passe”, or “são” to agree with the actual amount. Personally, I prefer option #1.

      As for using the imperfect as a sort of conditional, that is indeed very common

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