Segredos da Pronúncia Nativa

In this episode, we once again analyze record audio clips from our brave listeners! We listen to the Shorty, “À Busca de Doces“, and explore how to make your Portuguese sound more native with pronunciation subtleties and word choice. We also clarify some other challenging concepts, such as the differences between “aí, ali, & lá”.


  • Beautiful! These episodes where you guys really scrub out these fine points in pronunciation are just the best! They really have opened up a new aspect to my learning the language.

    Question: I think I heard from everyone in this episode pronounce some d’s here and there somewhat like voiced “th” in English (“this”), or probably more precisely like a soft d sound in Spanish (“nada”). Am I hearing correctly? If so, is that essential, or can we always just pronounce “d” as “d” as in English? Obrigado! Dave in So. Cal.

    • Olá, Dave. Thank you for your comment! Regarding the D, you can always just pronounce it as a regular English D. Any variations you hear are probably just due to little individual speech differences 🙂

    • Hi Robert, completely understood! We have a lot of users who like having the English explanations when they are starting out, or to go over details of pronunciation in a more clear way. But we also have a lot of users, like you, who would prefer the more immersive Portuguese-only episodes. We are working on finding a good balance of both, and really appreciate your feedback on this! We are increasing our Shorty production right now, so hopefully that will help a bit to give you more Portuguese-only content.

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