Os Tons do Português

Shades of Portuguese

We all have moments where we need some colourful language to express ourselves. (No, we’re not talking about swear words, that’s for another episode). Today we go through the whole colour spectrum while featuring the Shorty, “Um Lindo Bebé“. Do you know how to say your favourite colour in Portuguese?


  • Muito obrigada, Rui e Joel! Fiquei feliz ouvir um novo podcast! Desfrutem cada minuto com a Clarinha ❤️

  • Negro is not a bad word in English, Joel. But n***** is!
    Lovely to hear you two have converstional Portuguese!
    I’m looking forward to Practice Portuguese lessons; obrigada!

    • I’m not sure about elsewhere, but in the U.S., using the word to talk about a historical context is fine, but calling someone a ‘Negro’ is almost always considered offensive.

  • Lovely podcast, thank you. Could I vote for having more Portuguese from the beginning, please?
    Best wishes,

  • Muito obrigada,, Rui & Joel! Sempre fico feliz quando vejo (e ouço) um novo podcast! Gosto de vos ouvir falar em inglês assim como em português :). E sim, concordo que a Clara é a bebe mais bonita que todas!

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