Um Dia na Praia

A Day on the Beach

Are you just starting to learn Portuguese? This episode is perfect for you! It is A1/A2 level with simple vocabulary and grammar, but read by a native speaker, so it’s ideal for all levels to practice their pronunciation and listening comprehension! In addition, whenever we comment on the text, we take the opportunity to teach some expressions and review grammar.

Tip: The article is first read with discussion in between, and then read full-speed in its entirety at 14:50.

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    • Hi, I just signed up, but when I try any episode the play screen does not show up. It is just blank!
      Thanks for you help!

      • Thanks for your support and for the message, Jakub! That is strange, is your web browser or device you’re using up to date? Older browser versions can cause problems with some of the technology on our site. If you’re still having problems, shoot us a message on the support form and we’ll explore the issue a bit further with you 😉 Abraço!

    • Olá Sandra! Thanks for the question and for your support as a premium member! We’ve been having some trouble with the new audio player in some browsers – is it possible for you to try them out in Chrome to see if that helps? Obrigado!

  • Hi Joel and Rui, thanks for these amazing and invaluable podcasts.
    As a new learner to Portuguese, I’m finding the dialogues, the explanations, and the light banter very instructive, and also a lot of fun to listen to!
    Many thanks,

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