1. obrigada pelo video. Could anybody explain what ‘o resto a gente safa-se’ means at the end of the message. Can safar mean ‘to get away with something’?The mechanic used it to talk about our car passing a test and i think thats what he meant! :’) Muito obrigada

    • Olá Laura, é exatamente isso! O “resto a gente safa-se” significa “as for the rest we will get away with something, we will manage”. Acho que o teu mecânico estava a tentar dizer que o carro não iria ter problemas no teste. Boa sorte!

  2. Olá, can you please explain what “…, mas isso agora dava pano para mangas!” means? I’m looking in various dictionaries and I’m still not getting it. Muito obrigado in advance!

    • Olá Gav, I’m Wayne the animator. Being from the US, my Portuguese isn’t the best, so I do depend on a Porto Editora Dicionário. In my dictionary, “ter pano para mangas” means “to have enough and to spare”–or “to have plenty to argue (talk) about”. It literally means that you’ve got enough cloth to make an article of clothing, with plenty remaining to add the sleeves. Plenty and then some. So I’d guess that in this episode, it means “my taxi ride provided me with more than enough interesting stories to tell.”

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    Hey heluleka thank you so much for your response! That makes more sense now.

    Ps – sorry for the late thank you message. I don’t think this site (as wonderful as it is) has any notifications about responses yet.

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