A Lenda do Galo de Barcelos

A Lenda do Galo de Barcelos

February 2017 Update: Wayne, the talented animator and good friend of Practice Portuguese, is back at it again with this animated reimagining of this formerly audio-only episode. Hope you like!

A verdade faz milagres. Descubra como em mais uma lenda Portuguesa. Será verdade ou apenas um mito?

Animated by Wayne Wilson. Please help us thank him in the YouTube comments! ❤️

Note: The following playback controls just apply to the audio-only version of this episode.


  1. I’m trying to find the premium content that I can usually get; a pdf of the text particularly, but can’t seem to navigate to the page. Is there something wrong, or do I need to do something differently to get to it now that you’ve updated the page?

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