3 Video Lessons (Special Announcement)

Attention Practice Portuguese podcast subscribers!

This is not a regular podcast episode, but a special announcement to tell you about a 3-part video series we’re launching starting today.

Check out the first lesson now: practiceportuguese.com/words.

In these 3 lessons, we aim to solve a few of the biggest challenges our members run into when learning European Portuguese.

In the first video, we start with a list of simple rules you can use to quickly add 5000 words to your European Portuguese vocabulary, just by using words you already know.

In the second video, we’ll tackle the challenge of oral comprehension. We’ll explain what it is that spoken European Portuguese more difficult to understand than Brazilian. We’ll give you the necessary tools for you to not only better understand what they’re saying, but also make your own accent sound a lot more authentic when you speak Portuguese.

This second lesson will also have an interactive tool that you can use to practice what you learn in the video to make sure it sticks.

In the 3rd and final video, we’ll walk you through valuable tips and resources to help you throughout your Portuguese learning journey. We’ll also show you how to confirm that the words and grammar you’re learning are specific to Portugal (instead of the Brazilian vocabulary that you’ll find in most dictionaries and apps).

At the end of that third video we’ll also be announcing the biggest addition to Practice Portuguese since the launch of our podcast in 2013… but that’ll come later.

In these 3 videos, we worked hard to deliver very high-quality content to make the best use of your time. We could have easily sold these videos as a course, but we decided to offer them completely free so they could reach as many European Portuguese learners as possible.

If you want to get started with the first lesson and learn 5000 new words, head on over to  practiceportuguese.com/words.

You’ll be able to download the free PDF e-book that goes along with the video lesson, as well as sign up to be notified when we launch videos 2 and 3. There won’t be another announcement for each video, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Once again, that’s practiceportuguese.com/words. Thanks for listening and we hope that this video series helps you learn a lot more about European Portuguese!




  • You’re both truly amazing, thanks so much for all the great resources you’ve created. The most useful Portuguese podcast I’ve found so far, very interesting and fun as well. I keep recommending it to people. Keep up the good work and thanks again.

  • I have to tell you that teaching portuguese using your podcasts is a blast!
    Os meus alunos adoram. Rimo-nos sempre muito e facilitam-me o trabalho e de que maneira!
    Muito grata aos dois: Rui e Joel por todo o material que colocam à nossa disposição.


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