Viva o Português!

Hooray for Portuguese!

Adapted and translated from an article written by Lena Strang which was published in the latest issue of Tomorrow Magazine.

Lena Strang, originally from Finland, now lives in sunny Algarve. As a journalist for a community magazine, she has interviewed local people about their lives and researched intriguing histories behind abandoned buildings. These stories form part of two books available both in English and Portuguese: “Touching Lives/ Vidas que nos Tocam and Crossing Cultures / Culturas que se Cruzam.

You can connect with Lena and learn more about her work here.

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  • A resposta do quiz ‘adesão obrigatória ao Practice Portuguese para todos os seres humanos da terra’ reflete sem dúvida as vossas ambições . Muito bem!
    Esperemos que no ano que vem o Dia Mundial da Língua Portuguesa tenha uma realização cheia de cultura e festividades.
    Já visitei o site da Lena Strang. Vou encomendar o livro dela que me parece muito autêntico.

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