Umas Férias Inesquecíveis

Unforgettable Holidays


Nuno took a break from his job to give himself a well-deserved holiday in the north of Portugal. Find out which cities and sites he decided to visit!


    • Thanks Mac! You’re right, the actual translation would be “that city”. I think in this case we chose to veer from the literal translation because saying “that city” would sound slightly odd in English in that particular sentence.

  • I disagree Molly. You would only say “this city” if you were actually in it. In the context of the dialogue, Nuno had visited, was no longer there, and therefore “that city” is the correct English just as “essa cidade” is the correct Portuguese.

    • Thanks Mac, I was thinking “this” because of Guimarães being mentioned just prior in the sentence (as in, “this” city I just referred to, rather than “this” city I’m currently in). I see what you mean, though. The change should show up soon. 🙂

  • Algumas quintas would translate as Some vineyards, in english. The term villa is usually used for a large country house or holiday home.

    • Thanks David! I’ll make the change so that it focuses more on the vineyards themselves, rather than the property containing the vineyards. (There may be a delay before you see it in the transcript.)

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