Uma Conversa Na Sala De Chá

David is looking for somewhere to enjoy a cup of tea. Luckily, he meets Sara, who takes him to the tea room and teaches him some Portuguese vocabulary along the way.


  • The dialogue was great but the questions could have been a bit better/more detailed, and a few more of the expressions could have been listed, for example “Olhe, quem me dera pensar….” Em outros aspectos muito bom, estou a aprender muito!

    • Hi Ryan, glad you enjoyed the dialogue! You’re right about the questions – they are a bit simplistic for this one. Since this dialogue shows up at the end of our Basic Conversation unit (one of the first few units) we decided to take it easy on beginners. I just added the expression “quem me dera” to the list. Thanks so much for the feedback!

  • I just have a little question ,”nao te estou a perceber” why is there a finite “a” before perceber , isnt it just before nouns “the” ?

    • Hi Avinoam – In this case, the “a” is actually the preposition “a” (corresponding to “to”), rather than the definite article “a” meaning “the”. You will see this construction a lot, as it’s used for the present continuous tense: estar + a + the infinitive form of a verb. (We have a unit called “Present Continuous”, so you’ll get more practice with this later. Also, you can read more here: Present Continuous

  • i really appreciate the links to grammatical aids as here with the Present Continuous . It adds considerably to the learning process . Thank you , Ian MacGregor .

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