Um Vegetariano Improvável

An Unlikely Vegetarian


After questioning her eating habits, Carla announces to Pedro that she’s going to try out a vegetarian diet. Will she have the willpower to stick with it?


  • The image makes it look more like a vegan diet! It That would be a good topic for you to cover as well. I have been eating vegan for 1 year and a half, vegetarian for two! Some people do stick!

  • nao conseguir deixar mesmo a carne (can’t stop eating meat altogether)
    Please explain “conseguir deixar” in this sentance. One runs accross word pairings like this, in the more advanced shorties, which don’t seem to fit (obviously it’s perfect Portuguese).
    To the new student it’s confusing. I’m enjoying Practice Portugese.

    Anthony Monteiro

    • Olá, Anthony. I’m going to translate word for word, in case it helps:
      “E (and) se (if) não (not) conseguir (can) deixar (leave) mesmo (really) a carne (meat)”.
      => And if not can leave really meat => And if I cannot really leave meat 🙂

  • Please would you translate this sentence for me? Carla: Nem com um cozidinho à portuguesa, acabado de sair do tacho, e colocado aqui mesmo à tua frente?

    and thanks for the topic …I’m a lifelong vegetarian

    • No problem, glad you enjoyed it! This basically translates to: “Not even with a little Portuguese stew, fresh out of the pot, and put right in front of you?” And I hope you don’t mind this shameless plug: to get translated transcripts for all the episodes you can become a member here.

  • Muito obrigada… Não è difícil tornar-se vegetariano o vegano. Basta as respostas certas às questões essenciais e um pouco de vontade, numa manifestação de respeito pela vida de todos =) !

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