São Martinho

Saint Martin

Learn about the legend and traditions behind the holiday of São Martinho.


  • Great to hear new nice voices from time to time 🙂
    Thank you again and again for your extraordinar website !!!!

  • Queria saber mais sobre o fenômeno que provoque o verão de São Martinho. Deve ser uma explicação mas não posso encontrar informações. Alguem sabe?

  • Regarding the expression “um pouco por toda a Europa,” is this just a set expression? Does the “um pouco” add to the meaning? Thanks!

    • “Um pouco por todo/toda…” is a common idiom. It means “a little bit everywhere”. “Um pouco” (a little) does add to the meaning, since it’s what makes the distinction between “in several places, but not really everywhere” to “yes, everywhere” 🙂

  • yesterday when we went for coffee in Alcantara the waiter brought us a small plate of castanhas assadas which he served with a flourish and a smile . Now I know why thanks to Practiceportuguese . So we learn not just the language but also the culture of this wonderful country . Thank you Rui and Joel . Ian and Pierre .

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