Promoções ou Armadilhas

João and Marco are longtime friends who often meet up for coffee to catch up on each other’s lives. Find out what happens after João takes Marco’s advice on saving money at the supermarket.


  • Hi guys
    You have translated the word ‘pachorra’ as ‘patience’. Is this special in this context?
    Also, at the opening pages of the Shorties, there is a filter. Is there a guide somewhere to using it?
    Best wishes

    • Hi, Declan. Yes, ‘pachorra’ is a colloquialism (but not slang) which translates to ‘patience’. Nothing special about this particular context; the word could be used in any other informal context with the same meaning 🙂 As for the filters, there’s no formal written guide, but that can be arranged if we realize that they’re not intuitive enough for people. You can just click on any filter box (episode type, people, etc.) and choose your preferred option and the relevant filtered content will load right below. You can apply only one filter per box, but you can press multiple boxes.

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