Portugal – Uma Terrinha Especial

Portugal - A Special Little Place

Portugal is a very special country that brings so much unique value to the world. See why “quality over quantity” is an important notion in appreciating all that this country has to offer.


  • Two-minute segments are a great idea. There is something of interest in terms of culture and language in each lesson. That being said if to practice the language as it is spoken is the objective a short dialog would be more useful than a narrative simply because people don’t talk like the written page. A dialog would also allow for different viewpoints. The notion that Portugal is looked down upon because of it size and that its people suffer from an inferiority complex should not be presented as factual information when it is largely subjective. Ditto for some of the nutritional information in A Sandocha do Cada Dia. These are very minor complaints. Overall you are doing a fantastic job and should be awarded the Ordem da Instrução Pública for your role in diffusing Portuguese in the world. I’m serious!

  • Bravo to John Prindiville. I could not have said it better myself. With an expression like “ditto” he sounds Australian like myself. I couldn’t be prouder of what the Portuguese have achieved in their “little” country and even prouder to be allowed to live here. Dorville

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