O Real Palácio Guedes Quinhones

Learn the history of the Guedes Quinhones Palace, a noble house that served as the residence of the Quinhones family for ten generations, part of which has now been transformed into the Hotel Real Palácio.


  • Please could someone explain to me why 18th century looks like it translates as 7 hundreds? Why isn’t it seculo decimo oito? Thanks.

    • Olá! “Setecentistas” is just an optional adjective to describe things from the 18th century, which goes from 1701 to 1800, so it’s a bit like saying “700s”. It’s like how we say “80s” or “90s” in English. The exact translation of 18th century would still be “século dezoito” (usually cardinal, not ordinal). Of course, because we’re fancy, we use Roman numerals by default: século XVIII.

  • Bom dia.
    Trata-se de um exemplar… este frase confundiu me, é comun?
    I literally translated it as ‘It treats itself as an example’ which actually gave me the gist of ‘It is an example..’ but I would never think to use it like that.

    • Bom dia! Yes, it’s a commonly used word. As a noun (which is how it’s used here), “exemplar” can be translated as an “example”, “copy”, “model” or “item”. As an adjective, it translates to “exemplary”.
      – Eu comprei dois exemplares do CD (noun) -> I bought two copies of the CD
      – Esta escultura é um exemplar do século XV (noun) -> This sculpture is an item from the 15th century
      – Ela tem uma postura exemplar (adjective) -> She has an exemplary posture

      Note: we do have the word “exemplo” as well 🙂

  • Obrigada Joseph. Actually I was talking about the verb Tratar-se. I didnt realise it could be used in place of ser/estar.

  • My Great-grandfather was the last generation living in the Palace and my grandmother grew up living in the palace until she was aproximately 5. I really want to go there and see my roots 🙂

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