O Pintor Com Uma Desculpa Para Tudo

The Painter With An Excuse For Everything

Maria is doing some renovations on her home and hires Manuel to paint the entire house. Unfortunately, she is not very happy with his work.


  • Hi team,
    Does anyone know how, where and when I am able to enroll to do the Caple Level A1or 2 exams? I live in Setubal, so the nearest place will be very helpful as I do not have a car. I hope someone can help. Thank you and kind regards,

    • Olá! “Deve ficar ela por ela”, neste contexto, significa que o custo dos casquilhos e o custo do fio estragado devem ser semelhantes. “Ela por ela”, em geral, significa “aproximadamente igual” ou “comparável”.

  • Hola, amigos,
    You are so great, I love how you keep getting better and better.
    I have one little question on this chapter, isn’t it obrigado when Manuel says thanks?
    Muito obrigado.
    All the best to you.

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