Comer ou Dormir, Eis a Questão

Eat or Sleep, That's the Question


Do you struggle with insomnia? Some believe that avoiding certain foods can make a huge difference in your sleep patterns.


  • What is it specifically about the Portuguese sausage that would keep one up at night? The Shorty doesn’t go into detail on this.
    It’s just meat with salt, spices and maybe some filler (e.g. grains), right?
    Also, what is the difference between ‘enchidos’ and ‘salsichas’? I wasn’t familiar with the word ‘enchidos’ until this Shorty.
    (The opening of this comment wasn’t intended to be innuendo, but might come across that way).

    • Due to their amino acid composition (tyramine), ‘enchidos’, of which ‘salsichas’ are one type, may stimulate the release of noradrenaline 🙂 The term ‘enchidos’ covers several different types of cured, encased meat, such as ‘salsichas’ (sausages), ‘chouriço’ (chorizo), ‘alheira’, ‘morcela’, etc.

      (Also, ahaha)

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