A Ilha da Madeira

The Island of Madeira

Learn all about the Portuguese island of Madeira in this Shorty written by Edyta, the author of Say Yes to Madeira travel blog. This Shorty will help you learn some generic phrases, but also a couple of useful words which will definitely come in handy when visiting the island.

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  • Olá, Thanks for the interesting lesson. I had two questions about grammar here. Where you have “acho que irias adorar,”could you also say “acho que adorarias”? The second question is, could you say “há tantas coisas para fazer,” instead of “há tanta coisa para fazer”? Are there any differences in meaning between these phrases? Thank you!

    • Olá, Lisa! Yes, “acho que irias adorar” = “acho que adorarias”. You might also hear “acho que ias adorar”, because we often have a tendency to use the imperfect as a de facto conditional form. Yes to the second question as well 🙂 “Há tantas coisas para fazer” = “há tanta coisa para fazer”. I don’t see any practical difference in meaning, even though I’d naturally lean more towards the second option in informal conversations.

  • Great lesson; in reply to Lisa’s question could we also have, acho que adoravas, again using the imperfect with conditional intent?

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