A Casa Do Joaquim

Joaquim is a man from Viseu who lives in a small house in the centre of Lisbon. Get to know more about Joaquim and the place he calls home!


  • This is probably the easiest story of all your “Shorties” for me to understand. I got most of the words (90%) and the few I misunderstood, I used the translation to steer me right. I did not use the translation until the very end. Understanding the spoken word was more difficult. First, the quality of the sound is poor, very distorted and so it is a challenge to “get!” I will review this one again, because it is something I am capable of comprehending. I hope you produce more on a similar note…..

  • I found this one relatively easy too. I didn’t have any issues with the sound, so perhaps that is due to the internet connection,?

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