Jocka, Um Português Com Asas

Jocka, A Portuguese With Wings

The idea of hanging several meters above the stage might sound scary, but that’s just another day at the office for Portuguese aerialist and acrobat, Jocka Carvalho! He discusses his passion for his art, performing around the world, and his love for returning to Lisbon at the end of a contract.


  • wow great video. This was particularly helpful as the visuals, imagery, and real-time action helped to bring so much context to the words. I enjoy the animations, but always get so much great learning and context from real life videos like this one. Thanks for the work you put into this one!

  • I’m new. How do I get the subtitles in English? Is it possible to have them display in both languages while the video plays?

    • Welcome Ruth! If you click the toggle button that says “Translate” in the upper right corner of the transcript area, it will turn on the English translations. They will only appear in the transcript. Sorry, the subtitles displayed in the video are just in Portuguese!

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