Uma Consulta no Médico

A Doctor's Appointment


Dona Assunção has an appointment with her doctor. Some of her complaints are easier to manage than others!


  • Hi
    Can you explain the use of xô in the first line… I have looked it up in every dictionary I posses including Porto Editora which says: Interjeição “usada para afuguentar galinhas e outras aves” – the equivalent of ‘shoo’ in English. Is it a colloquialism?

    • Olá. There’s ‘xô’ as an interjection, used to scare animals (or people!) away, but there’s also ‘xô’ as a reduction of ‘senhor’, which is what you see here. Think of it more as a written reproduction of how ‘senhor’ would sound in fast mumbled speech, rather than a proper word per se 🙂

  • What does ‘xô’ mean? I’ve tried looking it up but can’t get any decent results.
    Is it related to ‘exmo’? (This is another word that I’m unsure of the meaning of and haven’t found a decent translation of).

    • Olá, Richard! ‘Xô’ is not so much a word itself, but a reduction of the word ‘senhor’. I’ve just posted another comment right here explaining this to Michael, if you’d like to read it 🙂

  • Ah Thank you, Joseph…. a little like ‘sash favor’ (English transliteration!) for ‘se faz favor’

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