Um Seguro de Saúde

António gets a call from an insurance company trying to sell one of their services.


  • Nice little shorty, but in what way is it ‘advanced’? They speak slowly and clearly. Please give us some more super fast talk with a transcription to help us follow it. Like they way the announcer talks on the tv news, for example.

    • You’re right, this one could probably be considered “medium”. Thanks for the feedback! If you want to increase the difficulty with some of the easier shorties, you can adjust the speed at the top where it says “1x” – just click that a few times and it can go up as high as 2x speed.

  • It says “medium” on my computer! I found the caller Joana’s voice monotous so I would not have bought insurance off if I had needed it!

  • Hi Molly,
    Thanks for your response! I don’t think speeding it up is really the solution to the problem I had in mind. Speed isn’t the only difference between
    classroom Portuguese and the hard-to-follow actual world discourse one encounters in Portugal. I believe that acknowledgement of this problem was one
    of the initial selling points of the Practice Portuguese website. What I’m asking for is more material that helps one follow elusive real-world talk.

    • Completely understood. Sorry, the suggestion was more of an “in the meantime” idea rather than a full solution. We will definitely take your feedback into account as we prepare future episodes. Thanks again!

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