Um Gato Capitalista


Sofia and Rui have just adopted two cats: Simba and Milka. They start to worry when they realize Simba hasn’t eaten any of his cat food. Perhaps he’s been eating something else…?


  • Pelos vistos, se Simba fosse um capitalista, a Milka seria um comunista (devido a roubar a comida do Simba – ou “igual distribuição”)? 😉

    • Yes, more or less 🙂 “Adoentado” is more appropriate for mild disease (cold, flu, etc.). “Doente” is applicable to any condition and severity.

  • Could you please help with my conjugation confusion? Rui is going to levo-o but Sophia would prefer levá-lo. Is she using the subjunctive form here and Rui the present?

    • Olá, Christian. I’ll deconstruct them both for you:
      1) levo-o = levo [simple present, 1st person singular] + o [direct object pronoun, replacing “cat”] = I take it / I’ll take it (the word “amanhã” earlier in the sentence sets us in the future, even though this is in the present tense)
      2) prefiro levá-lo = levar [infinitive form] + o [direct object pronoun, replacing “cat”] = prefer to take it

      By the way, there’s more on these third-person object pronouns here: Clitic Pronouns: 3rd Person

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