Cuidado com a Tempestade

Watch Out for the Storm

In the midst of a hurricane, the residents of a small town are facing one disaster after another. The streets are flooded and João’s house is on fire! A reporter is live on the scene to follow the events as they unfold. If only someone would get help…


  • Lovely ! We have all heard real reporters come out with ridiculous statements in tragic circumstances, a little gem this one, pity you don’t do short films………….yet.

    • This one would be great as a video… It would have to be animated because I don’t think we have the budget for dropping a tree on a van or setting a house on fire!

  • A nice shortie with some humor and very useful expressions. Thank you.
    All shorties are good way to get used to day to day conversation.
    Maybe you could do some for more advance learners which would be exactly like how locals speak in Alentejo for instance… Again on day to day conversations, like in a cafe or stopping on a road to chat with a local…

  • Another good one.
    Help at O0 30 we hear nao pá… man. Should this appear in the expressions with an explanation. .

  • If ever you decide to publish your top ten in let’s say ‘Aulas humorísticas de português’ this one should definitely be part of it!

    • Thank you! I agree, this is one of my favourites. The author, Mário, nailed it with this one and the voices of Eliana and Rui really brought it to life! 🙂

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