A Melhor Associação Cultural do Porto

The Best Cultural Association In Porto

People:Eliana Rui

Sofia interviews Sr. Agostinho about a new art and culture space with some unusual exhibits…

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  • Queria só dizer aqui que este sotaque do Porto está terrivelmente exagerado. De resto, áudio ótimo

    • The accent is exaggerated here, but broadly speaking, the Porto accent can be distinguished from the Lisbon one by the extra openness of the vowels, by the Vs that many people tend to pronounce like Bs (e.g. pronouncing “vaca”, cow, as “baca”), and a certain tendency to pronounce some single vowels almost like diphthongs. For example, some people pronounce “Porto” like “Puorto”. By the way, there’s a variety of accents up North (and across the rest of the country), of which Porto is just one 🙂

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