A Contar Os Dias Para As Férias

Counting The Days To Vacation

Clara talks to Luís about her upcoming travel plans. Notice how the futuro do conjuntivo is used throughout their dialogue.

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  • Very interesting, this shorty, based on the future subjunctive. The whole conversation is about a future, hypothetical world and that is the very world of the subjunctive . I love that and it is what I am missing a bit in my own language (Dutch). Further I see that Practice Portuguese is offering us a variety of voices some of which are more difficult to understand than others. But all of them authentically Portuguese. I read for instance that Natacha has the allmost singing accent of Alcobaça and that Pedro has a more neutral diction. For me it’s a real challenge to get familiar with all those voices.
    I see all this as a genuine quality of Practice Portuguese and appreciate it very much.

    Rens Leenders

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