O Sal



Have you ever wondered how salt is extracted? Learn when, how, and where this condiment is produced in Portugal!


  • There’s a bug that makes the transcript scroll to bottom after about 1 minute. However it lead for me to notice you can click on any sentence and it will go back to that point in the audio. Great feature!

  • I liked the topic very much and was able to learn a lot about salt. I had a question about the pronunciation of Aveira (or one of the words with eira in it. It sounded to me more like “vera”.

    As I was reading the transcript (in Portuguese), the text was scrolling nicely until about the middle when it suddenly zoomed to the end.

  • I really enjoyed this episode. Quite some time ago (in conjunction with the podcast on azulejos, which I listen to frequently), Rui noted that calçadas would be a good topic for a future episode. This would be great. Thank you so much!

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