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O Que é Isso?

What is That?

Telma and Filipe practice their Portuguese skills at the dinner table.

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  • Might be worth adding ‘ambos’ (both) to the vocabulary list. Feel I should have known such a simple word, but now it’s in my brain. Thanks!

  • Just on the above point, I think I have always worked around it by saying ‘os dois’ / ‘as duas’ – not sure if this is correct / good Portuguese.

  • Ola! Are the phrases ‘queria’ ’ and ‘gosteria’ interchangeable as ‘I would like’? I thought queria was more ‘I want’ and gosteria ‘ I would like’ ie a little more polite?
    Thank you!

    • Olá, Fiona! Yes, queria and gostaria are interchangeable when used in that sense. Note that queria (I would want) is in the past imperfect and gostaria (I would like) is in the conditional; they’re not in the exact same tense. Also, “I want” is the simple present, so that would be “eu quero” – which does sound a bit blunt for us, unless you make up for it with a smile, a gentle tone and a “por favor” in the end 🙂

  • Depois de tres anos, ainda nao consigo pronunciar „nao“ perfeitamente, I hear it pronounced in so many different ways … is it true that there are different ways to pronounce it? Neo as in Nell, or Non as in French, or Nao as in Now? Or should I listen better? My wife says so …

    • Well, the pronunciation may vary with the regional accent. In Practice Portuguese, you’re mostly hearing the typical accent from Lisbon and around, which also corresponds to the dominant accent in Portuguese media. Many of the shorties do feature Northern accents as well.

    • It always depends on who you’re talking to, but it’s totally fine with me! De nada!

      (P.S.: Obrigado pela tua resposta)

  • Abrigada para a transcriçao. Question: When do I use “para” and “por”. I guessed when I put “para”.

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