Hugo e Patrícia à Mesa de Jantar

Hugo and Patricia at the Dinner Table


As dinner is served, Hugo has a bitter surprise at the table that requires him to improvise.

Animated by Wayne Wilson. Please help us thank him in the YouTube comments! ❤️


  • I love how these convos are getting longer and more lively, introducing life-like words (pois). No sign of the usual textbook dullness! Thanks guys 🙂

  • The transcript and quiz don’t seem to work for me. But I would like to say how pleased I am with your Portuguese course, it is excellent. Well done!

  • Com garfo e faca – with fork and knife.
    In the UK, if we refer to the above we always say ‘knife and fork’.
    Pequenas diferenças:).

  • Olá, eu tenho uma pergunta. Por que escrevem “chantili” dessa maneira? Em dois dicionários, encontro “chantilly” escrito desta maneira.

    • Olá, Manfred. “Chantili” é uma simples adaptação portuguesa de “chantilly”. As duas formas são aceites em Portugal. Pessoalmente, eu prefiro “chantilly”.

  • I like how the quiz introduces new words and the question sentence format. It would be great to be able to hear the questions since we don’t know how to say the new word. Audio for the answer is not necessary.

  • Oh wow, I was just going to write exactamente what she said above! That it is so giro how the quizzes bring in new phrases and really make your brain work for the answer to wrap up the unit, and that audio for the Qs would be somewhere on the wishlist, though not the highest priority.

    Also I wanted to add that the picture quizzes are super helpful, as I was already trying to put an image in my head every time I learn or review a new word. I learned Spanish years ago in school, and we were taught word to word translation – I always struggled to get past translating in my head rather than thinking in the language, and the pictures really help me with that. And the quality of the photos is Just fabulous, as with everything here on PP – quite aesthetically pleasing – y’all have such flair!

    And the monkeys on the unit descriptions are sooooooo adrable – are those Wayne creations, too?

  • Thanks for the kind words, Kelly and glad you like the design! We do put a lot of effort into selecting the right images that are memorable (and with as much diversity as we can find, which is still quite a challenge with stock photography). We all learn differently, so we do our best to appeal to different learning styles… you sound like you’re more of a visual learner!

    The original monkey character and the earlier Unit monkey designs were designed by a very talented and hard working artist we connected with years ago, named Kshiraj ( He soon outgrew us, as he went on to work for Rovio (maker of Angry Birds)! Since then, we’ve worked with a few different artists who have been able to pick up from where he left off by creating additional poses, but it was Kshiraj that originally came up with that character.

  • Hi, Practiceportuguese Dream Team: great job!
    A question: is there a specific difference of use between “ácido” and “azedo”?

    • Olá, Michele! Thank you for your comment.

      ‘Ácido’ is the regular term to describe the naturally sour taste of foods such as citrus fruits (e.g. lemons). Many people use ‘azedo’ as a synonym of ‘ácido’, but it often has a negative connotation, suggesting that the food went bad. For example, when we say that a bowl of soup or a glass of milk taste ‘azedo’/’azeda’, we probably mean that they have a sour taste that they shouldn’t have, so they’re not safe for consumption.

      We often also confuse the word ‘azedo’ with ‘amargo’, but they have different meanings. ‘Amargo’ (bitter) is just another type of taste, like sweet or salty. For example, the taste of pure coffee.

  • I really enjoy these at the end of a unit! I always doubt my ability to be able to understand it, but after a few listens I feel like I can really get a feel for what’s going on! It’s nice to be thrown in the deep end a little with full, realistic conversations!

    Muito bem!

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