November Updates!

As we all get closer to showing 2020 the nearest saída Play normal audio exit, we wanted to share some exciting new features we’ve been hard at work on!

New Features

➕ Add to Smart Review

In addition to reviewing the phrases learned throughout the units, members can now also add words and phrases from other parts of the site. Simply hover over (or tap, on mobile) a phrase and select the plus (+) icon to add it to Smart Review. (Clicking again will remove it)

✏️ A1 – C1 Levels

By popular demand, we have analyzed all the grammar and vocabulary of all our hundreds of Shorties, in order to assign each of them with a CEFR level (A1, A2, B1, B2, C1), instead of the previous, more general Beginner to Advanced categories. This will provide a more straightforward way to find resources at your level, especially for those of you studying for the CIPLE or other language proficiency tests. If you aren’t familiar with the CEFR levels, you can read more here: Difficulty Levels


👩🏻‍🦱 New Video Clips

We added 1500 new video clips of real European Portuguese speakers, from different walks of life. This brings us to a total of 3000 (and counting), distributed across all the lessons in the Units section!

🗂 Site Index

We’ve added a Site Indexso you can more easily browse all of the available resources by type and topic.

New Episodes

We’ve also continued to release a lot of new Shorties and Videos since the last newsletter. Here are a few of our favourites:

  • 🍿Já Somos YouTubers In this first-ever video podcast, we feature one of our latest Shorties and discuss useful vocabulary all about going to the dentist.
  • 🍿 Hugo e Patrícia à Mesa de Jantar (Animated)
  • 🍿 Questões Inconvenientes (Animated)
  • 💬Fãs de Pão – Just for beginners! Vera and Duarte start getting hungry while discussing what they like to eat.
  • 💬Por Quem Me Tomas? – Miguel has a short conversation with Bruna before heading to the grocery store. Notice how the preposition “por” is used in a variety of different contexts throughout their dialogue.
  • 💬São Martinho – Learn about the legend and traditions behind the November holiday of São Martinho.
  • 💬Pedido de Informações ao SEF – A man calls SEF to get more information about the process of obtaining permanent residency in Portugal.
  • 💬Um Voo Turbulento – Bernardo regrets buying a cheap plane ticket on Bacalhau Airways and decides to take it out on the flight attendant.

New Units

  • Classroom – Learn vocabulary useful for the next time you find yourself in a classroom or other educational context.
  • Reflexive Verbs – Learn how to use reflexive pronouns like me, te, se, and nos to form reflexive verbs in Portuguese.

New Learning Notes & Blog Posts

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