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Um Festival Saboroso

A Tasty Festival

Fernando makes his mother a delicious offer she can’t refuse!


    • Olá! A explicação é que “claro”, neste contexto, significa “of course” ou “sure” 🙂 Em outros contextos, tem outros significados, como “light” ou “clear”, por isso é sempre preciso ver o sentido da conversa.

  • I understand that it was a telephone conversation but I could have done without the muffled voice at this stage of learning. Otherwise, I find these audios very helpful.

    • I know it’s discouraging when the language just sounds like noise, but don’t worry. It’s normal for it to take a while to be able to understand a real dialogue like this. You just got started with the Units, so I don’t expect yourself to understand a lot yet. At this stage, keep listening to the Shorties, but use it to start familiarizing yourself with the language, rather than as a test.

      I would also recommend spending some time with Smart Review before continuing forward in the Units. That way you can solidify what you’ve learned so far before adding more to your plate. 🙂

  • CD, in addition to turning on the translation over to the right you will notice a 1 X. Click on that through the numbers that make the recording go faster to, say, 0.5 X which is half speed – much slower. It gives you time enough to follow the Portuguese as well as the translation.

  • Is there an English translation of the questions and answers hiding somewhere? I frequently guess the answers, because I recognize a couple words, but rarely understand the question.

    • Right now there is no translation for the questions and answers, but we are considering adding translations in the future. We’ve gone back and forth because on one hand, it helps mimic real life to be in a situation where you are forced to figure out the meaning based on what pieces you know, but of course it would also be helpful to be able to check yourself. We just hope it doesn’t cause learners to immediately toggle on the translation when they don’t understand. 🙂

  • Regarding the words isso and aquele, are there different instances when you use either word or does it matter?

    • Isso is an invariable demonstrative pronoun, whereas aquele (or aquela, aqueles, aquelas) is a variable demonstrative determiner.

      Isso is considered impersonal, meaning it doesn’t go along with a noun. It’s just “that” (near listener). Aquele is different because it is used along with the noun (“that” thing) and is also used to refer to something that is more distant (either in space or time).

      So you would say Isso é fascinante – That is fascinating

      and Aquela festa foi enorme – That party was huge

      Notice how isso stands on its own and is more vague, but aquela is modifying the word festa.

      I would recommend checking out these two units to get a more thorough explanation:

      This and That

      Which One?

  • Most of the words in this conversation are unfamiliar, and I’m just guessing. It’s very discouraging.

  • Its confusing and disappointing that the conversation in the end of the unit doesn’t practice the words we’ve just learned and instead includes new words

    • I’m so sorry you’re feeling discouraged here. I would recommend making heavy use of the Translate button at this stage to help you understand the dialogue. We definitely don’t expect you to understand every word, or even most of the words, in such an early unit.

      You can follow along with Translate turned on until you have more of a foundation. The main purpose right now is to show you how some -er verbs are used in real life. For example, you can see how the -er verbs querer, saber, caber, escolher, etc, are conjugated within the dialogue.

      I agree though that we could simplify this episode and keep the focus more on the regular -er verbs, as there are also a lot of -ar verbs and irregular verbs included. It’s a lot of new information, along with new vocabulary too. I made a note to review this and find a better episode to use for this level.

      The dialogues will include lots of new words, as we wouldn’t be able to keep the dialogues realistic without them, but we probably went too far with this one! Thanks for the feedback. 🙂

  • I don’t think you went too far with this episode at all. It was exactly as it should be. It should be a little challenging, that’s how you learn! Thank you and keep up the good work!

  • What a GREAT recording! Well done, actors! However, it was disheartening because I knew very few words. New words are great, but there were so many of them I couldn’t even conceive of taking the quiz. Still, after hearing recordings from a competitor, you put them to absolute shame! Keep these folks!!!

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