Um Jantar a Dois

A Dinner for Two

Luís and Maria decide to go out for dinner in a fancy restaurant without making a reservation. Learn some useful phrases for ordering food in a restaurant and discover some popular Portuguese dishes.


  • Nice beginner’s dialogue. A couple of questions: Please explain the use of the word “antes” in this dialogue. It’s used here twice. I know the meaning “before”, but that’s definitely not meaning in these cases. Also, please explain how or when the phrase “pose ser” is used. I see and hear it often, but not necessarily in the sense of “it can/could be.” For instance, I was in a Pingo Doce and when the butcher asked the woman in front of me which type of meat she wanted, she said, “pode ser ….”


    • Hi! “Antes” here is being used in the sense of “instead” or “rather”. It’s an alternative use of the word 🙂 As for “pode ser”, it’s a way of saying “it can be that one” or “that will do” or “yes, sure”. So, you can use it to start a sentence where you then describe exactly what you want or just as a short affirmative response to what someone else has already suggested/proposed.

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