Food Groups

Exploring food groups is a convenient way to help us learn food-related vocabulary in a more organized way.

Dairy Products

First let’s look at some laticínios dairy products

  • o leite milk
  • o iogurte yogurt
  • o queijo cheese
  • a manteiga butter
  • o gelado ice cream
  • a nata cream

Leite, iogurte, and queijo are a part of many Portuguese people’s breakfasts and snacks. Queijo, in particular, is very important and there are several tasty varieties. As for leite, there are 3 main types:

  • Leite magro Skimmed milk – Very low fat content
  • Leite meio-gordo Semi-skimmed milk – Medium fat content
  • Leite gordo Whole milk – High fat content

Fruits and Vegetables

Next we’ll explore frutos fruits and legumes vegetables
Frutos is the proper, scientific term for plant structures that carry seeds, but you will probably hear fruta fruit or frutas fruits more often in daily life. (Fruta is a collective noun, so either word can be used to refer to fruit as a category.) Frutos would, scientifically, include tomatoes, even though we often consider them to be vegetables. In Portugal, fruits can be added to salads or treated as sobremesas desserts or snacks.
Comeste fruta hoje?