Combining "A" With Demonstratives

As previously mentioned, the preposition “a” can be combined with the articles a, as, o, and os to become à, às, ao and aos.
As far as demonstratives are concerned, a can only be contracted with the following:


a + aquela = àquela
a + aquelas = àquelas
a + aquele = àquele
a + aqueles = àqueles


a + aquilo = àquilo

Ela quer ir a + aquele parque = Ela quer ir àquele parque She wants to go to that park

Eles saíram do bar a + (aquela) hora = Eles saíram do bar àquela hora They left the bar at that time

If you were paying attention in the Demonstratives unit, you may have noticed that este, esta, isto, esse, essa, isso are absent. These are never contracted with the preposition “a”.

Finally, note the direction of the grave accent on the: à, which happens as a result of the preposition “a” being contracted with a pronoun starting with “a” (eg. à or àquele). Make sure not to confuse the à with á.


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