Simple Phrases To Learn Before Visiting Portugal

We often get messages from complete beginners who plan to visit Portugal and want to learn a few of the basic Portuguese travel phrases.

In Portugal, the level of English is quite good, especially the younger generations in the main cities of Lisbon and Porto. But regardless of how well the locals speak your language, picking up a few Portuguese phrases can go a long way to show that you’re interested in the local culture.

It’s also worth noting that while most of the vocabulary is common between Brazilian and European Portuguese, the pronunciation is quite different in Portugal. That’s why we’ve provided audio clips to help you practice:

Here are a couple phrases you can use to say hello or goodbye in Portuguese.

OláHello Tudo bem?How are you doing? (Everything good?) AdeusGoodbye

You can add the following greetings, depending on the time of day.

Unlike English, you can use each of these whether you are just arriving or saying goodbye:

Bom diaGood morning Boa tardeGood afternoon Boa noiteGood night

Don’t forget your manners! Learn a few polite phrases to help you communicate respectfully:

DesculpePardon me, Sorry Por FavorPlease De nadaYou're welcome Com licençaExcuse me ObrigadoThank You (male speaker) ObrigadaThank You (female speaker) SenhorSir SenhoraMadam Muito prazerPleasure to meet you, Very nice to meet you

These phrases will come in handy while exploring the city:

ao lado denext to pertoclose, near longefar Este autocarro vai para onde?Where does this bus go? Onde posso encontrar um táxi?Where can I find a taxi? Onde se apanha o metro?Where do you catch the metro?

…or dining:

um caféa coffee águawater vinhowine cervejabeer o pequeno-almoçobreakfast o almoçolunch o jantardinner Tenho uma reservaI have a reservation. Onde fica a casa de banho?Where is the bathroom? A conta, por favorThe bill, please

…or exploring the shops:

Quanto custa?How much is it? Estou só a ver, obrigadoI’m just looking, thanks. (male speaker) Estou só a ver, obrigadaI'm just looking, thanks. (female speaker) Aceita cartão de crédito?Do you accept credit card? UmOne DoisTwo TrêsThree QuatroFour CincoFive SeisSix SeteSeven OitoEight NoveNine DezTen

Just a few more essential Portuguese travel phrases:

SimYes NãoNo Pode ajudar-me?Can you help me? Gosto muitoI like (it) a lot Está bemAll right, Okay

…And of course, if you get stuck:

Fala inglês?Do you speak English?

Desculpe, não falo portuguêsSorry, I don't speak Portuguese

Não entendoI don't understand Pode dizer outra vez?Can you say (that) again?

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So impressed

I was searching high and low for somewhere to learn European Portuguese but options were somewhat limited. I was so impressed with your learning lab and how fun you make your videos that I had to sign up and try this.

– Kris C. (Florida, U.S.A.)

Extensive yet so simple

I think Practice Portuguese is amazing, it is so rich in content and extensive yet so simple to use with the easy units leading up to more complex stuff. I've only just started and am really impressed.

– Matt C. (Somerset)


  • Obrigado Rui & Joel

    In regards to getting alongside the local people
    by using their language.
    I note you use Oporto.
    The locals call it Porto
    In my experience only the Poms (The English) call it Oporto
    I love Porto but hate tripe
    Porto natives are known as tripeiros (tripe-eaters), compared to Lisboans who’ve been dubbed “cabbage-eaters”

  • I think a section for complete beginners who intend to travel to Portugal is a wonderful Idea You might consider adding a section of vocabulary , with flash card games and the like.
    . You might call it Traveler’s Crash Course , just for travelers
    I’m traveling to Portugal haven’t even gotten there and am already in love and planning to become fluent. My parents have gone twice and are planning to retire there and I plan to visit frequently. The more I learn The more I love it.
    Also not sure about other browsers but a few links for audio don’t work above.

  • Valuable information. Fortunate me I found your website accidentally, and I’m shocked why this accident did
    not took place in advance! I bookmarked it.

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