Dona Ana no Consultório Médico

Dona Ana at the Doctor's Office


Dona Ana visits her doctor, Doutor Afonso, to check on her health.


  • muito obrigada, loving the self recording questions and really enjoy the little dialogue at the end of each set

  • Good little drama – these are very helpful.

    Is there a difference between ‘Queixar’ and ‘Reclamar’ as they both translate as ‘to complain’?

    • Olá, Mike! The word ‘foca’ in the quiz comes from the verb ‘focar’ (to focus). It is used correctly, since it is the third-person singular conjugation (‘ele foca’ = he focuses). The question is basically “What else does he focus on?”.

  • Muito engraçada shortie. Também é facil para entender e educativo. Obrigado.

    Mas tenho uma pergunta sobre “Quer dizer – I mean, That is to say'” Parece-me que “quer dizer” é “You want to say”. É isso só uma expressão idiomática?

    • Obrigado pelo teu comentário! “Quer dizer” pode significar “want(s) to say”, mas também pode significar “It means”. Por causa deste último significado, também o usamos como expressão idiomática no sentido de “I mean” ou “That is” 🙂

  • Exams? No examinations by a doctor? Dona Ana being a grandmother won’t take exmans surely? But if I am wrong I might have to take an exam! LOL

    • Lol, sorry for the confusion! I think a more inclusive translation would be “tests” or “medical tests”. Since the launch of this episode, we’ve been informed that in British English “exam” is reserved for the exams you take in school, but that it would not be used in a medical context, whereas in American English, either one could be used in both contexts.

  • For me this was a tough quiz at the end…Lots of words there that have not been covered, particularly when we are just covering basic verbs. I know you want to try and push us students but I think this is a step too far for a complete beginner !

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