Today, Yesterday and Tomorrow

Here’s how we refer to the present day, the day before, and the next day:
hoje today
ontem yesterday
amanhã tomorrow

Now let’s put them into context:

Hoje é sexta(-feira). Today is Friday.
O jogo foi ontem às quatro da tarde (16h00). The game was yesterday at 4 in the afternoon.
O inverno começa amanhã. Winter starts tomorrow.
By combining the terms antes before and depois after with ontem and amanhã, you can also form expressions to refer to the day two days ago or the day two days from now.

antes + ontem = anteontem before yesterday (Note: antes de ontem is also a commonly used alternative)

A encomenda chegou anteontem. The order arrived the day before yesterday.

depois + amanhã = depois de amanhã after tomorrow

A nossa reunião é depois de amanhã. Our meeting is the day after tomorrow.

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