Quantifiers – Interrogative Quantifiers

In this lesson, we’ll take a look at the last subset of quantifiers: quantificadores interrogativos interrogative quantifiers. Interrogative quantifiers introduce questions related to quantities. These types of questions are invariably answered using another quantifier.

Quanto, Quanta, Quantos, Quantas

How much?

Remember these from the previous lesson? As a relative quantifier, we used these words in the context of “as much as”, but as an interrogative quantifier, they have a slightly different meaning. When used to question a quantity, quanto (masculine) and quanta (feminine) are the singular form equivalents to “how much” in English.
Quanto gastaste ontem? How much did you spend yesterday?
É precisa quanta lã para umas luvas? How much wool is needed for a pair of gloves?

How many?

Quantos and quantas are the plural forms of quanto and quanta, and they correspond to “how many” in English.
Quantos amigos teus convidaste? How many of your friends did you invite?
São necessárias quantas folhas? How many sheets are needed?

Answering with a quantifier

As stated, a question using an interrogative quantifier is always answered with another quantifier.
Quantos pãezinhos quer? How many rolls would you like?
Queria cinco, por favor. I’d like five, please.

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