Disjunctive Coordinating Conjunctions

Disjunctive coordinating conjunctions (conjunções coordenativas disjuntivas) express an idea of choice or alternative, i.e. that only one of the parts of the sentence can be true.
The most obvious example is ou or
Eu fico em casa, ou vou à rua I'll stay at home or I'll go to the street
Here are some examples of disjunctive conjunction phrases:ora...ora sometimes...and sometimes
quer...quer whether...or
ou...ou either...or
A avó ora educa, ora mima The grandmother sometimes disciplines and sometimes spoils.
Ou compro uma mota, ou compro um carro Either I buy a motorcycle or I buy a car


  • I’m a little confused…in the notes I see quer…quer as “either … or” but the example below shows “ou….ou”. I assume both are equally acceptable?

    • Ah, thank you for asking, Karen. The note wasn’t entirely clear – “quer…quer” is closer to “whether/or” than to “either/or”, so it’s not quiiite the same as “ou…ou”. I’ve just updated the article 🙂

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